Using the Web Service Reference Repository

Web service references are stored in the Web Service Reference Repository.

To access the Web Service References Repository:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click Application Builder.

  2. Select an application.

  3. Click Shared Components.

    The Shared Components page appears.

  4. Under Logic, click Web Service References.

    The Web Service Reference page appears.

    Use the Navigation bar at the top of the page to search for Web service references or change the page display. Available options include:

    • Web Service Reference - Enter a case insensitive query and click Go. To view all Web service references, leave the field blank and click Go.

    • View - Select a display mode and click Go. Available options include:

      • Icons (the default) displays each Web service reference as a large icon. To edit a Web service reference, click the appropriate icon.

      • Report displays each Web service reference as a line in a report.

  5. Select Report from the View list and click Go.

  6. In report view you can:

    • Edit a reference by clicking the reference name.

    • Test a reference by clicking the Run icon.

    • View details about a reference by clicking the View icon. Note that this option is not available for manually created or REST Web service references.